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Vampire Hair Restoration® – Jupiter, FL

Enjoy a Full Head of Hair Again

Man looking at his hair line

Hair loss occurs in the vast majority of men and about 40% of women by age 40, which cannot only make someone feel self-conscious about their appearance, but research has also shown that 89% of women who’ve experienced hair loss develop depression. Needless to say, hair loss can take a real toll on someone both inside and out, but with Vampire Hair Restoration in Jupiter, FL, we can help a patient recover what they’ve lost so they can look and feel their best again.

Why Choose New England Stem Cell Institute of the Palm Beaches for Vampire Hair Restoration®?

What is Vampire Hair® Restoration?

Person receiving vampire hair restoration injections

Vampire Hair Restoration is designed to take advantage of your body’s own natural healing and tissue building abilities by injecting PRP (platelet-rich plasma) into the scalp. It contains a much higher concentration of platelets, growth factors, and other special cells that have been shown to stimulate hair growth.

How is the Procedure Done?

Woman receiving vampire hair restoration

First, a special numbing cream is applied to the scalp, and while it is taking effect, our team will draw a small amount of blood (like getting a routine blood test). We’ll then process your blood in our lab to create PRP. At this point, special nerve blocks will be applied to the scalp to further numb the target areas where we want to restore hair growth.

When a patient is completely numb, a special mixture of vitamins is injected into the scalp, which provides nutrients for the new hair. Then, the PRP is injected to stimulate hair growth. Overall, a patient will need to receive at least three treatments that are spaced about six weeks apart.

The New England Stem Cell Institute Approach to Vampire Hair Restoration®

New England Stem Cell Institute of the Palm Beaches sign on door

While many clinics now offer Vampire Hair Restoration, know that you will NOT receive the same level of care as the New England Stem Cell Institute. We’ve been using PRP for a wide variety of applications since 2007, and we were one of the first practices in the U.S. to do so. This means our team has a level of skill and expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

The PRP we’re able to create is of a much higher quality, meaning that it contains more platelets and growth factors, which helps provide a more effective treatment. We also add cultured umbilical cord stem cells to supercharge the hair restoration process, which is something other clinics simply don’t do.

How Long Before I Will See Results?

Man smiling outdoors

When it comes to re-growing hair, you need to be patient—it can take up to six months to a year before the hair starts to come back.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Man styling his hair in the mirror

After the initial three treatments, most patients are recommended to get a PRP booster injection every one to two years depending on how they responded to the initial injections.

Who is NOT a Good Candidate for Vampire Hair Restoration?

Man smiling happily

While Vampire Hair Restoration is able to help many people dealing with hair loss, it does have its limits. This treatment will not work if you have been completely bald in a given area for three years or more. It requires active hair follicles that can be stimulated in order to work. And, if your hormones are out of balance (like if you’re low on testosterone, estrogen, or DHT), this will need to be corrected first. It’s also important that a person reduce or stop smoking entirely before undergoing hair restoration, as this introduces toxins into the body that can adversely effect healing and new hair growth.

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