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Prolotherapy – Jupiter, FL

Promote Healing & Make Chronic Pain Go Away

Person in pain holding hand

Invented in the 1950s, prolotherapy can easily be considered the original regenerative medicine treatment. Here at the New England Stem Cell Institute, we’ve been using Prolotherapy in Jupiter, FL since 1995 to reduce chronic pain and help patients recover from longstanding injuries, which is much longer than most medical practices here in the U.S.

Why Choose New England Stem Cell Institute of the Palm Beaches for Prolotherapy?

What is Prolotherapy?

Person receiving injection in knee

Prolotherapy involves injecting a patient with a fluid mixture that contains dextrose (sugar) as well as Novocaine. The sugar slightly irritates soft tissue without actually damaging it, but this still signals the body to send healing cells to the area. Prolotherapy has been shown to accelerate the repair of damaged tissue as well as the production of new tissue, and it does NOT cause the formation of scar tissue, which can create its own problems.

There is also a variant of prolotherapy called Prolozone. It was invented by regenerative medicine and anti-aging physician Dr. Frank Shallenberger, and it involves adding more ingredients to the fluid mixture to provide better nutrition for the cells during healing. After someone has been injected with the dextrose and Novocaine solution, they are then injected with a mixture of oxygen and ozone gases, both of which support cellular function and stimulate healing.

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What Conditions Can be Treated with Prolotherapy and Prolozone®?

Doctor administering injection

Prolotherapy and Prolozone have been shown to help patients reduce pain and stop experiencing symptoms due to:

Why Is Prolotherapy / Prolozone® a Good Alternative for PRP or Stem Cells?

Woman in pain holding neck

When getting a PRP or stem cell-based treatment, the first step is to harvest these substances from a person’s blood, bone marrow, or body fat. This isn’t necessary with prolotherapy or Prolozone, making them much quicker by comparison. These treatments are also less expensive because of their relative simplicity. Prolotherapy and Prolozone are considered milder or less aggressive than PRP and stem cells, which means they might work better for certain patients. When you come to the New England Stem Cell Institute for your consultation, we’ll go over all of your treatment options so you’ll easily be able to decide which one would be best for you.

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