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Nerve Hydrodissection – Jupiter, FL

How We Make Nerve Pain Disappear

Woman holding back in pain

The nerves throughout your body run near, around, and even through certain muscles on the way to their final destination, and sometimes, they can become pinched or squeezed when the surrounding soft tissues become irritated or inflamed. This can lead to debilitating nerve pain as well as numbness, tingling, and even weakness in part of the body. Pain due to nerve entrapment is often missed by other doctors because it can be very hard to see with traditional diagnostic methods, plus a patient can appear to be physically fine. At the New England Stem Cell Institute, we can use diagnostic ultrasound to easily identify nerve-related issues, and then we can make them go away using a treatment called nerve hydrodissection for Jupiter, FL patients.

Why Choose New England Stem Cell Institute of the Palm Beaches for Nerve Hydrodissection?

What is Nerve Hydrodissection?

Man in pain holding neck

When a patient is experiencing pain related to a nerve being pressed on by the nearby tissue, nerve hydrodissection can be used to relieve that pressure, and therefore stop the discomfort. We simply inject a fluid that goes around the nerve to create the room it needs to function normally. The procedure is fast, painless, and completely safe.

The fluid contains a small amount of dextrose, or sugar, along with some anesthetic. This will help stop the inflammation that is causing the tissues to press on the nerve in the first place. For longstanding cases of nerve pain, we may also inject PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to promote better healing.

What Conditions can Nerve Hydrodissection Treat?

Doctor offering an ultrasound guided injection

We have used nerve hydrodissection to successfully treat:

The New England Stem Cell Institute has been using nerve hydrodissection longer than the vast majority of practices in the U.S., and in fact, our team was personally trained by the physician who invented it!

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